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Hiking holidays on the Seiser Alm Maximum relaxation in alpine beauty

Enjoy the breathtaking mountain air, enjoy the breathtaking panorama, climb the one or the other summit – come to Seis for hiking and you will feel like you are in paradise. Even mountain bikers, golfers, horse lovers and all other active sports fans will find in their holiday in Seis am Schlern a perfect holiday region for self-realization. We come towards families in the summer vacation with our children’s reductions.

Our hiking offer

Our excursion tips For your summer holiday

A popular summer circular trail – also suitable for families – leads from Seis in the Hauenstein Forest to the picturesque ruins of Sallegg and Hauenstein. The varied themed path offers a wonderful view of Seis am Schlern. Another great excursion destination for hiking around Seis is the Königswarte in the Laranzer Wald, where you can find, during a summer holiday, more interesting theme trails, a football pitch, an outdoor swimming pool and a cinema in the open air. The possibilities and paths for a filled hiking holiday on the Seiser Alm can hardly be listed. And also the alpine challenges, which you can face as a mountain friend during a holiday in Seis am Schlern, are a feast for the eyes. Among our many mountains are the Santner peak (2.413 m), the Schlern (2.563 m), the Plattkofel (2.958 m) and the Langkofel (3.181 m).

Hiking around Seis From the theme trail to the summit tour

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Europe’s largest high alpine pasture and the near Dolomites welcome you warmly to go hiking around Seis! Our holiday region is a unique hiking paradise where you will find everything the hiking heart desires in a summer holiday: lush alpine meadows and fragrant forests, charming panorama trails, old castle masonry, rocky paths, rustic huts, refined climbing trails and climbs to sublime peaks. From Seis, numerous well-marked paths of all difficulty levels lead to the surrounding alpine pastures and into a magnificent mountain world.

Our Dolomites offerlegendary and extraordinary tours

On the mountain bike over the Seiser Alm take advantage of our offers!

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Mountain bikers will feel at home during your holiday in Seis am Schlern. The Seiser Alm is a biking area of the finest. Here in a place, where the queen’s stage of the Giro d’Italia 2016 arrived, you can experience unspoiled nature, a perfect routes network, rapid trails for adrenaline rushes and alpine sights, The Residence Burghof is not only ideal in this montainbike paradise – with our mountainbike guide in the house and exciting biker offers for our guests, we bring actively sportive highlights in your summer holiday.

Hitting in the mountains Come to golfing in Seis

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Would you like to swing the golf club in the summer holidays in front of fantastic mountain scenery? In St.Vigil / Seis you will find an excellent course at an altitude of 850 m with challenging tracks, which is considered the “most exciting 18-hole golf course in the Alps”. The breathtakingly beautiful facility has a perfectly equipped driving range and a solid Club Restaurant.

The perfect place for horse lovers Riding excursions around Seis


The happiness of the earth lies, as is well known, on the back of the horses, especially when they are trotting along the bright green meadows around Seis in front of the Dolomites. Get into the saddle on one of our numerous horse farms and turn your holiday in Seis am Schlern into an unforgettable rider’s experience. Several hours, half-day and day trips lead you to the Völser lake, the ruins of Hauenstein and Salegg, on trekking tours or also on the tracks of Oswald von Wolkenstein. If you have never ridden, you will easily learn it on well-trained Haflinger under professional guidance.

Splendid refreshment Go bathing in the summer holiday extensively

A full active holiday also lives from his breaks. After hiking in Seis, you can relax in the Telfen swimming pool and enjoy the panoramic view of the Santner peak. Also highly recommendable is the Völser lake in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park at the foot of the Schlern. It is one of the cleanest bathing lakes in Italy. Both bathing facilities are located at 1,000 m and therefore offer the right cooling off on hot summers.

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